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Aluminium castings, Gunmetal Castings, Brass Castings, Phosphor Bronze Castings, Thermocol Patterns
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Aluminium Casting Manufacturer
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Manufacturer, Supplier Of Specialist in Aluminium Casting And Sand Casting
Aluminium castings

Aluminium castingsAluminium Castings
Gunmetal Castings Gunmetal Castings
Brass Castings Brass Castings

Phosphor Bronze Castings Phosphor Bronze Castings
Thermocol Patterns Thermocol Patterns

We manufacture any type of non ferrous casting.

4 We have our in house quality testing lab. where in we, check

     a) Moisture, b) tensile strength of the moulding sand, c) permiability of the sand.

We test each and every mould for mould hardness.

We have very good core shop which can cater to any type of cores.

We measure temperature of the moltenmetal before pouring into the moulds.

Our inspection dept is very strict and adheres to all norm laid down.

We buy quality raw materials, with composition certificate, which ensures the final      metal composition specified by customer.

Aluminium castings Manufacturer Pune
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